EO & Moxia devlelop smart home battery solution for EV drivers

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EO Charging, one of the UK’s leading electric vehicle (EV) charger manufacturers, has partnered with Moixa, the clean energy technology company, to create a dedicated Smart Home Battery and solar package for electric vehicle drivers.

Plug-in vehicle drivers will now be able to unlock the full potential of their solar panels and save money when charging their vehicle. The full smart home battery solution includes an EO Genius electric vehicle charger and a 4.8kWh Moixa Smart Battery, all connected to a customer’s solar panels and managed via GridShare – Moixa’s smart-energy management software.

Once installed, the Smart Home Battery solution from EO & Moixa enables customers to store and use renewable energy. By installing the system, electric vehicle drivers will:

  • Reduce energy bills and the cost of driving electric
  • View solar energy generation and household energy usage
  • Join the green revolution and generate clean, renewable energy and reduce dependency on fossil fuels when powering an EV.

Richard Earl, Chief Technology Officer at EO Charging, said:

“We believe that electric vehicles make most sense when powered by clean, renewable energy. This partnership with Moixa is the next step of our journey in creating smart electric vehicle chargers and intelligent software for the forward-thinking home owner. Our mission is to give people the power of energy autonomy, helping individuals take total control of the energy they generate, store and consume.”

“We’re excited to be working hand in hand with a fellow British clean tech leader and propel the UK forward as a global force in the EV and smart battery storage industry. This integration with Moixa will also enable us to harness the commercial potential of combining Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) EV charging and static battery storage.”

A new report from National Grid estimates that over 75% of EVs will be using smart (e.g. off peak) charging by 2050. The same report also states that in 2030, smart charging could shift 47% of EV demand at the grid’s peak and in 2050, Vehicle-to-Grid charging could shift a massive 85% of remaining EV demand at peak. With an estimated 35m electric vehicles on the road by 2050, it’s clear that smart charging combined with smart battery storage in the home will provide flexibility and integrate a higher level of renewable generation within the UK’s power system.
‘Future Energy Scenarios – National Grid (July 2019) http://fes.nationalgrid.com/media/1409/fes-2019.pdf

Chris Wright, CTO at Moixa said:

“We believe that the combination of smart home batteries and EV chargers will bring unprecedented value to homeowners and the energy system as a whole. It will allow the local consumption of household solar generation to be maximised, avoiding costly and inefficient redistribution of exported excess solar power, benefitting entire energy system.

“At the same time customers will be able to take full advantage of emerging smart tariffs, and benefit from the cheap overnight energy for car charging whilst covering their household consumption during peak pricing with their Moixa Smart Battery, automatically minimising their energy bills.

“Transport is the UK’s largest emitter of emissions. The combination of Moixa Smart Home Batteries and EO chargers is therefore an important step in maximising the benefits of the electrification of transport and driving us towards net zero.”

EO Charging & Moixa have developed a UK-wide network of trained installers that will support home owners with existing solar panels as well as those looking to implement the full smart home battery solution. Over the coming months, EO Charging will integrate more electric vehicle chargers to the smart home battery package, via Moixa’s GridShare software, including the EO Mini – the world’s smallest electric vehicle charger.