Envirotherm And ZeroPoint Clean Tech To Build New Biomass Power Plants

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Turn-key, carbon-negative facilities will be first of their kind in global market.

POTSDAM, New York, Sept. 10, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Envirotherm, an Allied Technologies company, and ZeroPoint Clean Tech, the world’s leading biomass gasification technology company, have announced they will join forces to build turn-key, biomass power plants. These combined heat and power (CHP) plants are the first standardized biomass gasification plants in the global renewable energy market to be fully EPC delivered with performance warranties. Two plants are currently operational in Europe and construction on the first of the next eight projects is expected to begin before year-end. The plants range in size from 2 to 20MW. The combined effort to create full EPC delivery of a standardized solution for biomass gasification plants includes relationships with world leading OEM vendors, project financiers, feedstock and recovered wood suppliers as well as with vendors of after-market services.

“We are excited about this important step forward in the biomass gasification market,” says John Gaus, ZeroPoint CEO. “To date many project developers have experienced difficulty in arriving at optimal technical solutions as well as aligning proper resources to reliably construct and commission operating projects. As a result, it is also difficult for small developers to achieve financing or for interested customers to get the CHP plant they desire. The combination of strong technical solutions, the ability to deliver distributed scale power plants and relationships with leading OEMs as well as sources of investment will propel this market. In particular, Envirotherm possesses deep domain expertise in gasification and is well poised to construct numerous replications of standardized plant designs in Europe and North America.”

Envirotherm brings extensive experience with gasification technology and designing and building complete power plant facilities. “We are highly impressed with the ZeroPoint biomass gasification technology and excited to work with leading developers, OEMs and investors in this renewable energy marketplace,” said Hansjobst Hirschfelder, the Managing Director of Envirotherm.

About ZeroPoint:

ZeroPoint is the world’s leading biomass gasification technology company, with proven technology for carbon-negative, biomass gasification. The company’s process is carbon negative because it creates biochar, a highly stable form of sequestered carbon. The company possesses five patents with six additional patents pending including processes to upgrade sewage sludge and other low-grade fuels for combustion and gasification. The company is also engaged in research and development with gas-to-liquids technology.

About Envirotherm, an Allied Technologies Company:

Experience and competence are the pillars of ENVIROTHERM GmbH. Through its worldwide activities Envirotherm’s highly experienced team offers tailor-made solutions for plant engineering. Within the Allied Technologies Group, ENVIROTHERM GmbH forms part of the engineering service sector with focused technological capabilities in the fields of syngas generation, thermal waste treatment, dedusting technologies and flue gas cleaning plants.

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