Enginuity New Master Tenant at MPSC

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Missouri Plant Science Center (MPSC) has signed a lease agreement to make Enginuity Worldwide its new master tenant for the 28,000 square feet facility where Enginuity will expand its own line of patent-pending innovations in the clean-burning, bio-based energy market. Enginuity also aids Missouri bio-based companies to achieve commercial success.

The MPSC serves as a biotechnology hub, designed to foster innovation, commercialization, and economic competitiveness in a global economy. Through collaboration with universities, industry and government, the Center will provide Missouri-based early stage companies or research organizations, who are ready for expansion, with a platform to accelerate and encourage aggressive growth.

Mexico mayor Ron Loesch, said, “This is a perfect match for the MPSC. Enginuity is a home-grown company with vast experience in innovative, patent-pending product development. They have entered the market with an exciting new technology that can provide energy independence, provide clean-burning fuel alternatives, create new markets in rural Missouri and create jobs both directly and indirectly. It could not be a more perfect match for the mission of the MPSC.”

The MPSC will serve as Enginuity’s headquarters, laboratory and showcase for it products and for initial production of a 700 ton engineered biomass fuel test burn for Columbia Water & Light. Enginuity’s business plan projects 20 jobs in the next five years.

Nancy Heimann, president of Enginuity said, “We are under an accelerated timeline to get into production to meet our market demands. This facility is as if we designed it ourselves. I am most grateful to the partners, especially the City of Mexico, for recognizing our challenge and opportunity and for working with us to create a win-win situation. We are ready to start work.”

In addition to being the master tenant, Enginuity will act as a mentor for other bio-based start-up companies, some of them under the Enginuity umbrella. Enginuity has a stable of inventors who have contributed to the patent-pending designs whose work in the fields of pelletized energy and animal feed may revolutionize both markets. Enginuity will work with these inventors and entrepreneurs to push their innovations onto the commercial market.

Audrain County Presiding Commissioner Steve Hobbs said, “Our vision has always been that the MPSC would act as an accelerator for agriculture and bio-based product development, speeding innovation through commercialization and fueling job creation that will directly benefit the citizens of Mexico and Audrain County and Missouri. With multiple production facilities in Enginuity’s plans, the MPSC will give rise to a company that will create jobs and have a significant presence in Missouri for years to come.”