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Energy4All Raises £6.4m of Investment for Renewable Energy Projects Across the UK

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Renewable energy specialists Energy4All is in the process of opening the share offer for its latest wind energy project in Derbyshire and South Yorkshire.

· Renewable Energy Co-operative Experts Raise Funds for Wind and Solar Projects

· All Funds Raised From ‘Ordinary’ Investors

23 May 2014 — The £3.6m required to give the green light to the Four Winds Energy Co-operative will be raised from residents close to the wind turbines near Chesterfield and Barnsley as well as its enthusiastic and loyal membership base. The aim is to raise the money within the next two months to give the co-op the best possible outcome for the investment.

While the prospect of pulling together £3.6m in two months might seem daunting to many, Energy4All has earned itself an enviable reputation for raising the funds it needs for all its projects well inside the deadline. In many cases the share offers have been significantly over subscribed.

In its last three projects, Energy4All has raised a total of £6.4 million during the worst economic downturn since WW2. The company is confident that the next £3.6 million for the Four Winds Co-operative will prove to be just as popular as previous initiatives.

Ordinary investors can get involved for as little as £250.00

Marna McMillin, CEO of Energy4All explains: “Our projects are designed to allow small investors to get involved. From as little as £250.00, ordinary investors can see returns that outstrip anything a high street bank or building society can offer.

“We have a loyal membership base who invest small amounts in many of our projects. They are people looking for investment alternatives with better returns, and those who believe in the importance of renewable energy. Our share offers are well structured, transparent, and profitable. In a climate where public trust in our traditional banking system has been eroded, we offer something new that investors can really believe in.”

About Energy4All

Energy4All is the UK’s leading expert in community-owned renewable energy projects. The company was formed in 2002 to expand the number of renewable energy co-operatives in the UK as an important part of the country’s transition to a low carbon economy. www.energy4all.co.uk

About FourWinds Energy Co-operative

The latest share offer, which opens on 9th June, is for two single wind turbines each of 500kW. One at Duckmanton, near Chesterfield in Derbyshire and one at Shafton, near Barnsley in South Yorkshire. To register your interest in the share offer, please visit the website: www.fourwinds.coop

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