Energy Visions Prizes Totaling $250,000 Announced for Creative Media and Applications Advancing America’s Energy Security and a Cleaner Environment

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2012 Call for Entries Has Begun; $40K for Winning Entries

WASHINGTON DC – Filmmakers, short video producers, advertisers and developers of mobile or web apps may begin submitting work for the inaugural Energy Visions Prize announced today by the American Clean Skies Foundation (ACSF). Prizes worth a total of $250,000 are expected to be awarded to creators of outstanding media and innovative digital works that advance a vision for America’s energy security and a cleaner, low carbon environment.

“The intent of the Energy Visions Prize is to honor the people who are on the cutting edge of media and technology innovation when it comes to promoting or featuring cleaner electricity and fuel,” said Greg Staple, CEO of ACSF. “We want to engage people on America’s energy challenges where they are – on their smart phones, online and in the movies. This new prize celebrates the independent thinking and creativity that is beginning to drive clean energy solutions and build consensus among partisans.”

The Energy Visions Prize will reward media projects that have a public impact on U.S. energy: videos that feature engaging stories and compelling visuals about America’s home-grown clean energy – natural gas, renewables and biofuels – and apps that enable the production or use of clean energy innovations. Films, videos, and mobile or web-based apps should address at least one of the following goals:

1. End America’s unsustainable dependence on oil from foreign sources

2. Generate and distribute cleaner electricity; or

3. Bridge political and geographic divides on energy policy

Works due for entry must have been created after October 15, 2011, and must be uploaded to the prize website no later than October 15, 2012. Prizes will be awarded from three different media and technology categories:

1. Feature films, documentaries or television programs that run no longer than one hour

2. Short videos, video series or advertisements that run no more than ten minutes

3. Mobile phone or web application (short video tutorial of the application is recommended)

At a gala to be held in December 2012 in Washington, DC the first place winner in each of the three categories will receive $40,000. Runner-up prizes of $20,000 also are expected to be awarded in each category together with one or more “special award” or “best of show” prizes. Awards will be chosen based on the recommendations of a distinguished group of judges composed of media, creative, technology and policy experts.

Applicants and others 18 years of age and older who wish to be involved in the Energy Visions Prize may find out more at and through social media Twitter/@energy_visions.

About the American Clean Skies Foundation Established in 2007, ACSF is a non-profit organization promoting research and education on solutions to our nation’s energy needs. Media and technology have always been central to ACSF’s mission. The foundation underwrote the weekly TV show energyNOW! from 2010-2011, which was distributed to more than 65 million cable homes by Bloomberg TV. This year, the Foundation supported Energy at the Movies in conjunction with PBS’ Austin station and premiered Energy 101 animated videos; it has also co-sponsored the Intelligence Squared debates broadcast on NPR and various PBS affiliates.


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