En+ Group delivers food supplies to retired workers

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To protect the health of our former employees, deliveries will involve no physical contact. Instead, our En+ volunteers, equipped with face masks and sanitizer, will drop off the basket and then make a phone call to the retired employees to let them know they have visited.

These regular deliveries will ensure members of our community over the age of 70, and therefore considered high-risk for the virus, do not have to leave the safety of their homes to visit busy shops and supermarkets. At a time when everyone is feeling increasingly isolated, En+ hopes that this communication between generations of En+ employees will also remind everyone that they are part of a corporate family.

The initiative is initially expected to run until July but is open to change in line with the development of the pandemic and the needs of our former employees.

Vladimir Kiryukhin, CEO of En+ Group, said:

“En+ Group is a family. Our employees work incredibly hard every day and give years of service to our company. They are the reason we have a business—the reason we are successful today—and so it is only right that we recognise that debt by looking after them in their time of need.

While some of us may feel cut off from the company during the quarantine, it is important to remember that our company resides not in offices or smelters or dams, but in a collective project through which thousands pass, each carrying us forward and sharing our progress as the legacy of their work. For their immense contribution to the company, our predecessors have earned the right to both our gratitude and our support.”