EIP launch green-tech practice group

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Patent and trademark attorney firm EIP has launched a green-tech division to enhance its portfolio of services.

EIP Green is the new green technology practice group of EIP, which has offices in London, Bath, and Cardiff. EIP Green’s attorneys come from a range of science and engineering backgrounds, and are well-placed to deliver expertise in this sector.

The firm’s experience in the green technology field includes future vehicle technologies, solar power systems, wind turbines, electronic device power minimisation and carbon footprint profiling.

The EIP Green practice group is managed by Neil Forsyth, a European and Chartered Patent Attorney responsible for the electronic and mechanical subject matter within EIP Green.

Neil’s experience across the green technology sector includes wind turbines, solar thermal and photovoltaic panels, renewable energy generation scheduling and low-power digital signal processing.

Neil said: “A key service of EIP Green is the company’s fast-track service for guiding clients through the various accelerated processing schemes available for patent applications relating to green technology. An increasing number of clients are taking advantage of our fast-track service.

“Many more patent offices around the globe are recognising the importance of supporting the development of green technology and are introducing fast-track processing for green technology subject matter. Fast-track programmes for green technology are now being offered by the patent offices of Australia, Japan, Israel, South Korea, the US and the UK, with consultations underway in Brazil, China and Canada.

“Significantly, in the key market of the US, the USPTO has announced that they are extending their green technology fast-track programme until at least the end of 2011 and extending it to all eligible patent applications regardless of filing date; this means that many more patent applications will be eligible for entry into the programme.”


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