Ecotricity to become UK's first domestic supplier of green gas

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ECOTRICITY is to become the first energy supplier to offer gas made from renewable sources to UK homes.

The firm has launched a tariff – Green Gas – to fund the construction of special plants which turn food leftovers and waste into methane.

About 1,500 customers have already signed up for the dual-fuel package since it was made available in February.

Dale Vince, managing director of the Stroud based company, said: “We are kickstarting the market to move Britain from ‘brown’ to ‘green’ gas, turning people’s gas bills into green ‘gas mills’, just as we’ve been doing with windmills.

“People can now have complete control of where the money they spend on their energy bills goes, and ultimately where their energy will come from.

“Green Gas customers can help unhook Britain from its addiction to foreign gas supplies, make a positive long-term change to the world, and also keep thousands of tonnes of waste out of landfill.”

Biogas is produced in a process known as anaerobic digestion, where micro-organisms break down ‘rottable’ material without oxygen.

Britain currently wastes around 18million tonnes of food annually, which could produce enough biogas to supply more than 700,000 homes.

However, there are currently no plants connected to the national grid, meaning Ecotricity customers with a gas supply have previously had to source ‘brown’ gas from other suppliers.

Under the new tariff, households will initially receive standard gas – but crucially the firm will invest all profits into developing commercial plants which will inject gas into the grid.

Ecotricity will supply a greater proportion of green gas in the mix as more people sign up and more plants are built.

The firm ultimately hopes to create biogas from emerging technologies, such as special strains of algae.

Ecotricity delivers the new tariff at no extra cost, matching British Gas on both its standard and dual-fuel prices.

For more information, contact Ecotricity on 08000 302302 or visit

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