E-World Online Electronics Recycling Program Accepted by New York State

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E-World Online's electronics take-back plan provides a full-service solution that fulfills all of the DEC's requirements.

E-World Online, a national provider of responsible recycling solutions for consumer electronics manufacturers, has initiated one of the first take-back programs in New York to satisfy the requirements of the state’s new e-waste regulation.

Effective April 1, the New York State Electronic Equipment Recycling and Reuse Act ensures that every New Yorker has the opportunity to recycle their electronic waste in an environmentally responsible manner. The regulation requires that consumer electronics manufacturers establish convenient options for e-waste collection including mail back, drop-off locations and community collection events, as well as recycle or reuse their market share of electronics waste by weight. Manufacturers must also submit annual reports to the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation documenting their compliance.

E-World Online’s electronics take-back plan provides a full-service solution that fulfills all of the DEC’s requirements. Its proprietary, web-based Manufacturer Interstate Take-Back System (MITS) uses a network of more than 200 convenient e-waste collection points serving most municipalities in the state with 10,000 residents or more. E-World Online currently administers several programs for leading manufacturers in New York including Sony Electronics Inc. and ViewSonic, among others.

Additionally, E-World Online has established relationships with multiple recyclers throughout New York including RCR&R, Goodpoint Recycling, Eco International and PK Metals, as well as trash haulers and thrift stores willing to pick up e-waste from residents. This allows E-World Online to collect e-waste seamlessly, even in New York City.

“Our turnkey service caters to all involved, from the recyclers and manufacturers to the collectors and consumers, and is based on the highest environmental standards,” said E-World Online President, Bob Erie. “Our MITS program allows OEMs to easily fulfill their responsibilities to the state while providing consumers with convenient ways to recycle their old electronics.”

New York’s electronic waste recycling regulation is the nation’s most aggressive to date. Companies that fail to submit any report, registration, fee or surcharge to the DEC as required will face per-day penalties. Companies that collect less e-waste than mandated will incur a surcharge of as much as 50 cents per pound. The DEC plans to release its weight standards by manufacturer on May 6.

For more on E-World Online and MITS, visit www.e-worldonline.com.

About E-World Online and its Manufacturer Interstate Take-back System (MITS)
E-World Online administers comprehensive e-waste take-back programs across the country for leading consumer electronics manufacturers. The Manufacturer Interstate Take-back System (MITS) network, comprised of either R2- or e-Steward-certified recyclers, will collect an estimated 42 million pounds of e-waste for some of the world’s leading consumer electronics manufacturers in 2011. MITS is able to offer services in nearly all 50 states and provides manufacturers with a solution to monitor collection progress in real-time and guides consumers with information about local e-waste recycling options in their communities. E-waste accounts for 2-5% of municipal solid waste streams, and according to the EPA, only 18% of e-waste is recycled. E-World Online is a division of E-World Recyclers of Vista, Calif. For more, see www.e-worldonline.com or call (877) 342-6756.

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