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Delivering the Power

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Heavy transport Specialist Van der Vlist help with a biomass plant.Van der Vlist’s experts were tested recently with a project from Odense and Herning, taking components for a biomass fuelled heating plant in Purmerend, North Holland.

In total the project required 8 of these components to be delivered at the biomass plant, nicknamed ‘The Purmer’. Weighing between 47 and 58 tonnes each, and measuring between 12.1 and 12.4 m long, 3.7 to 3.78m wide and 3.92 to 4.1 metres high, Van der Vlist used their modular vessel bridge trailers for the movements.

Moving 2 of these each week, they encountered a problem on route, as the Rader Hochbrüche bridge on the A7 from Denmark to Germany was closed, only allowing vehicles with a maximum weight of 7.5 tonnes to pass across. The knowledge and experience of the Van der Vlist staff meant that together with their client, they were able to resolve the situation by shipping Ro-Ro from Esbjerg to Amsterdam, and keep the deliveries perfectly on time.

Having unloaded the first few themselves for storage on site, as the final few were delivered a crane was brought in, to place the components directly into the plant, where they could get up and running, to help generate power.

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