CleanFizz unveils the world’s first truly clean Autonomous Outdoor Solar Lighting

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The company expects to launch the production of this revolutionary solar outdoor lighting in the 4th quarter of 2012.

Geneva, Switzerland, August 15th 2012 – CleanFizz SA, today’s world leader in self-cleaning solar technologies, has developed and patented the first truly ecological and autonomous solar street lighting.

Clean+21 is a state of the art concept of independent, off grid and intelligent solar street lighting that does not use batteries.

The solution consists of a self-cleaning solar panel that harnesses maximum solar energy, quickly charges the supercapacitor storage system and delivers power to the high efficiency extra bright LED lighting. The system is equipped with sensors detecting nightfall, dawn and human presence in order to turn on and off accordingly.

The Clean+21 offers many advantages over existing solar and conventional outdoor lighting:

The self-cleaning solar panel reduces the maintenance needs (i.e. truck with cradle)

Unlike traditional batteries, the storage system can be charged very quickly, even within minutes if necessary. It has a very high life cycle (over 500’000 charge/discharge cycles) and last but not least it is environmentally friendly

It uses the latest very high luminosity and low power LED technology

It contributes to decreasing the dependence on fossil and nuclear energy and therefore to reducing carbon emissions

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