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City ready for £1m tidal turbine

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Tidal power is set to arrive in Hull within a month as part of a pioneering project

North Ferriby-based firm Neptune Renewable Energy has confirmed the £1m full-scale prototype Proteus tidal turbine is in the final stages of construction by Wear Dock and Engineering in Sunderland.

The company plans is to bring the completed £1m unit to Hull’s Albert Dock by early January, with commissioning shortly afterwards.

The Proteus turbine measures just 20m by 14m. Tidal power devices usually work by directing tidal currents onto a large, multi-paddled water turbine. The turbine then, like a water wheel, generates power as it moves.

The tidal turbine was initially going to be used to provide power for Hull Ice Arena but will now supply energy for The Deep.

Given its depth and tidal flow, Neptune believes the Humber estuary is one of the best locations in the British Isles for tidal stream power.

Once in place, the tidal turbine should generate at least 1,000 megawatts per year.

The project follows extensive research at the University of Hull.

Said Nigel Petrie, chairman of Neptune Renewable Energy Ltd, said: “The deployment of the Proteus Demonstrator is undoubtedly a major landmark and will serve as a key platform for the company’s ongoing success.

“This is very much the culmination of a long-term research and development programme.”

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    For flood and ebb tide currents, generating energy,

    At the Humber Estuary, formed by the Ouse and Trent,

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