China has $20 billion to invest in Canadian renewables

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CanBio wants to ensure that a significant chunk of the $20 billion is invested in Canadian bioenergy projects and technologies.

When a dozen Canadian bioenergy and forest companies visited Beijing on a trade mission this May, the demand from 75 Chinese investors for one-on-one meetings was so great, that there was not enough time in the day to fulfill it.

Canadian Bioenergy Association (CanBio) president and executive director, Douglas Bradley, who led the mission estimates up to $500 million may be invested in Canada as a result of the recent mission.

“China has $20 billion to invest in renewable energy overseas. And Canada, with its ready supply of renewable biomass and the technology to convert it to energy and high-value products, is a very attractive partner for us,” Kai Johan Jiang, president of DP Cleantech, China’s largest bioenergy power producer, told the Canadians.

CanBio wants to ensure that a significant chunk of the $20 billion is invested in Canadian bioenergy projects and technologies. So in autumn, a number of Chinese investors, led by Kai Johan Jiang, are coming to Vancouver to meet Canadian developers at CanBio’s annual conference from September 30 to October 1, 2010.

Delegates can sign up to present their projects or services to Chinese and EU investors, prospective partners or customers at two dedicated sessions—or in the business-to-business sessions, where companies can request 15-minute sit-down meetings with one another.

“Canada has the wealth of natural renewable resources—and we need to tap into them now to offset dirtier, and potentially disastrous, fossil fuel generated energy,” says CanBio president Douglas Bradley. “Chinese investors offer the missing link—they have the financing and partners we need to turn our state-of-the-art technologies into profitable businesses bringing jobs and clean energy to communities that need it most—and our clean energy technology to the world,” he says.

A slate of the best Canadian bioenergy projects and companies will present at the conference. Gordon Murray of the Canadian Wood Pellets Association will share the latest developments from his industry. In BC alone, producers are planning to double pellet production over the next five to ten years, mostly because of insatiable demand from EU power producers who are offsetting coal with renewable wood fuels. While Canadian companies like BC’s Nexterra and Quebec’s Enerkem will share their progress—all three are already selling their technologies to the US.

CanBio Annual Conference Sept 30 – Oct 1, 2010, Vancouver, BC


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  • How-To finance your project—large or small. Or take advantage of a new turnkey option from a German company, Wood4Heating, that finances it for you.
  • Hear how Canadian provinces could replicate New England’s “Fuels for Schools” program, a profitable model that turned NE into America’s biomass heat state.
  • Study Tour on Wednesday, September 29 to Kruger Cogen facility with Nexterra gasification technology in New Westminster & to Lignol Bioethanol’s lignin pilot plant in Vancouver
  • 25-company trade show, a study tour, and two sessions of b2b meetings

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