Centrosolar Expands its Product Range into Neighbouring European Countries

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International launch of the Cenpac complete photovoltaic system.

Hamburg, Germany

Centrosolar AG continues to expand its strong market position into neighbouring European countries. Until recently, the Cenpac complete photovoltaic system was only available in Germany. It will now be marketed all over Europe. Centrosolar developed the system in 2010 and, in the process, achieved an important milestone: Cenpac is the first standard solar system available on the market that can be installed on almost any roof.

Centrosolar will also offer the system in budding solar markets, in addition to traditional PV markets such as Italy and France. “We see great potential for standard PV systems, particularly in countries such as Slovenia and Bulgaria. The solar industry is still quite new there and installation technicians have very little experience with PV systems. Therefore, a fully pre-fitted system that takes the design work away from the installer is ideal,” explains Ralf Klein from the Centrosolar AG board of directors.

The Cenpac complete system contains all the components necessary for the installation of a PV system. Modules and inverters are perfectly matched to one another, so you can expect high yields, despite standardisation of the system. Cenpac is available in 3 kWp and 5 kWp models with 16 or 24 crystalline modules, respectively. The installer benefits from a minimal need for planning, a lower price in comparison with individually designed systems and logistical advantages arising from the low number of system components, all of which will be delivered on one single pallet.

Centrosolar has nine subsidiaries in Europe and North America. Export activities in countries that do not have their own subsidiary are managed from the company’s headquarters in Hamburg. The export share is over 70 per cent.

About Centrosolar

With locations in Hamburg, Paderborn and Kempten in the Allgäu, Centrosolar AG is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Munich-based Centrosolar Group AG, an international company with over 1,000 employees and annual sales of €404 million (2010). All of the subsidiaries offer products and solutions for converting solar energy into electricity. The product range includes photovoltaic (PV) systems, PV mounting systems, solar glass and project planning for multi-MW PV systems. The Centrosolar Group operates a module production facility in Wismar (capacity: 350 MWp) as well as a solar glass plant in Fürth, Germany and Huzhou, China (total capacity: 8 million m² glass). Further subsidiaries are located in Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Greece, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, the Netherlands, the United States and Canada.

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