Bosch Solar Energy realizes 5 megawatt solar park in the UK

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Bosch Solar Energy AG has built one of the largest solar parks in the UK, in Trefullock, southern England.

  • Bosch Solar Energy realizes turnkey solar power system

  • System incorporates around 21,000 monocrystalline solar modules from Bosch

  • Bosch’s c-Si M 60 monocrystalline solar modules now also with MCS certificate

Erfurt, Germany/Trefullock, UK – The park encompasses around 21,000 c-Si M 60 monocrystalline solar modules from Bosch with a total output of five megawatts. The power generated is sufficient to cover the yearly energy requirements of 1,450 four-person households. This is equivalent to a saving of more than 2,900 tons of CO2 each year. The plant will be connected to the grid in July 2011.

The solar park, covering an area of 18 hectares, is located approximately 10 kilometers southeast of the popular holiday town of Newquay. The radiant intensity here in Cornwall is comparable to southern Germany.

The solar park in Trefullock has been realized jointly with hep capital GmbH. Bosch was tasked with delivering the turnkey plant – from the planning stages through to realization and the monitoring of the solar power plant, using highquality components from Bosch.

“We are delighted that we have had this opportunity to demonstrate what we can do, particularly in the UK solar market which is still relatively young,” says Peter Schneidewind, Sales Director at Bosch Solar Energy AG. “Photovoltaics are becoming increasingly important here. We’ll be seeing more and more solar systems in the future, particularly on the roofs of UK houses.”

The c-Si M 60 monocrystalline solar modules from Bosch have also been awarded the MCS certificate, which is important in the UK market. This quality seal applies to modules in the power classes from 220 to 245 watt peak. The certificate is required in the UK for solar power systems with a total output under 50 kilowatts to receive an attractive feed-in tariff.

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