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Sandler Research Announces it Will Carry Biomass Energy Market in China Research Report in its Store

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Report Description:

With increasing importance of energy reservation, there has been a rapid development in Chinese biomass energy market in the past few years. And evidence is mounting that biomass energy industry in China will enjoy promising prospect in the long run.

At present, technology bottlenecks and insufficient grain feedstock supply are two major obstacles for development of biomass energy products, including liquid biofuel, biopower generation, solid biofuel and biomass gas.

Rapid economic development of China would drive the demand for energy to rise continuously. However, since fossil fuel has already been in short supply, China would vigorously promote the development of biomass energy industry instead. Besides, China boasts abundant biomass resources such as rice/wheat straw, corn cob, etc., which would further advance China’s motivation in this field.

To facilitate the sustainable and sound development of biomass energy industry, Chinese government released a series of policies to set medium and long target for each biomass energy product and provide fiscal subsidy for some important products.

To figure out the current situation and prospect of biomass energy and the limitations for future development in China, the report covers the information on feedstock and their production situation, marketing channels, consumption situation, and future forecast etc. Among them, the feedstock supply and current technology of each biomass energy product are especially given an insightful analysis.

Besides, CCM provides you an insightful analysis on other following questions:

- What is the situation of raw material supply and its
influence on biomass energy production in China?
- Who are key active and potential players in China's biomass
energy industry?
- What are the key factors affecting each Chinese biomass energy
- What is the competition situation in Chinese biomass energy
- What is the trend of each Chinese biomass energy product in the
near future?
- How about the policies and incentive for biomass energy industry
in China?
- Where are the opportunities in the Chinese biomass energy

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