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Biomass plant uses new Pipe Center solution

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UK-based Western Bioenergy Plant is generating electricity from wood waste uses advanced pipework solutions from Pipe Center

UK-based Western Bioenergy Plant is generating electricity from wood waste uses advanced pipework solutions from Pipe Center, UK’s leading supplier of tubes, valves, fittings and commercial heating products.

The company chose Pipe Center’s press-fit pipework connection system due to its exceptional speed and effectiveness.

The power plant burns clean wood waste from sustainable forestry sources to generate up to 13.8 MW of power, supplied to local homes and businesses.

All pipework services for the project were carried out by Industrial Pipework UK (IPL) of Maesteg, South Wales. This included water, natural gas and compressed air systems supporting the plant’s process and generation technology.

“It’s an excellent system, and saves significant time and manpower on-site,” said Mark Waldron, IPL’s managing director, of Pipe Center’s press-fit pipework.

“It played an important role in helping us deliver the project within the timescale.

“We were also very keen on the quality of the finish. Although it is very quick to install, the end result looks superb. In our experience it is also extremely reliable. We have not had a single leak on the project, which says a lot about the quality and effectiveness of the product.”

The plant takes surplus wood waste from local sawmills and forests that would otherwise be thrown away, and turns it into clean electricity.

Pipework and components for the project were supplied by Pipe Center’s Cardiff branch.

John Walker, national industrial sales manager, said: “The project is an excellent example of sustainable technology that is both good for the environment and good for business. IPL has done a great job on the vital pipework systems that underpin the plant. It not only works beautifully, it looks superb.”

Press fittings have been used in Germany and other parts of Europe for more than 40 years, but their use is relatively new to the UK market.

They offer a fast, easy and reliable method of connecting pipework as a fire-risk-free alternative to soldering, brazing and welding on-site, said a statement.

Press fittings can be used on steel, stainless steel and copper pipe and some specialist alloys.

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