Biodiesel in Brazil: A Rising Tide? Part II: At the Right Price

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Research and Markets new report.

Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of the “Biodiesel in Brazil: A Rising Tide? Part II: At the Right Price” report to their offering.

In this report, the publisher will address the principal questions related to the price and cost of Biodiesel in Brazil. In other words, can Biodiesel compete on price with fossil fuel based Petro-Diesel (Diesel fuel derived from petroleum)? By analyzing the supply chain, including the costs and profit for each link in the chain, the publisher determines if Biodiesel can be produced in Brazil at a price that is economically viable. If Biodiesel can be produced at an economically viable price, then the publisher can conclude that Biodiesel remains a candidate to be a good investment opportunity.

Report Insights
– Acquire a deeper knowledge of the key drivers of the Biodiesel industry and how they enable or challenge Biodiesel’s success in Brazil.
– Determine if the Brazilian Biodiesel industry can compete with the Petro-Diesel industry and present solid investment opportunities.
– Know the participants and understand the economics of the Biodiesel and Petro-Diesel supply chains in Brazil.
– Learn the price of crude oil that allows Biodiesel to remain competitive with Petro-Diesel in the short-to-medium term.
– Explore the strategic goals that each member of the Biodiesel supply chain must achieve for Biodiesel to be competitive with Petro-Diesel.
– Understand how issues such as currency fluctuations, price of crude oil, transportation costs, and others influence the Biodiesel supply chain.

Source: Research and Markets

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