Bellevue, WA company looking to build 35 megawatt Bioenergy Plant in Klamath Falls

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Using wood waste from private land to generate electricity.

Bellevue []

A Bellevue, Wash.,-based company filed documents with the state Tuesday to build a 35-megawatt bioenergy plant costing between $70 million to $120 million in Klamath Falls.

Klamath Falls Bioenergy would use wood waste from private lands to generate electricity in the plant, according to a press release.

It would be on property owned by Collins Timber Co. along Highway 66. The project would create about 175 jobs during construction, 30 permanent positions and 100 jobs in the woods.

Commissioner Al Switzer and Trey Senn, executive director of Klamath County Economic Development Association, said the county has worked for months to bring the project to the area and it appears to be on the fast track.


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