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BEHIND THE SCIENCE: Renewable Energy (National Geographic) – YouTube

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Tim Pricehttps://worldofrenewables.com/author/worenewables/
Tim is an original member and founder of World Of Renewables. Since 2005, he has steered WoR to an industry leader within the field of renewable energy news reporting. Tim is now Vice-Chairman of WOREA and played a major role in the merger with WREA.

Can wood chips save the world? That is the question that professor Ceulemans of the University of Antwerp and his team try to solve since 2010. On the largest bioenergy plant of Belgium, fast growing trees are planted that can grow up to seven meters high in two years. After two years the trees are harvested and processed into wood chips. Discover in this episode from National Geographic Channel’s Behind the Science wether the University of Antwerp succeeds in making wood chips an alternative fuel that is equivalent to fossil fuels.

BEHIND THE SCIENCE: Renewable Energy (National Geographic) – YouTube.

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