Asia's Biggest Amorphous Thin-film Silicon Arising in Anhui

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Bengbu City, Anhui Province, central China, has made great breakthrough in the photovoltaic (PV) industry, and its 2-megawatt amorphous thin-film silicon solar power station demonstration project is expected to start operation within 2009

The project, mainly designed by Polar Photovoltaics Co., Ltd., will become the largest amorphous thin-film silicon solar power station in Asia. Now, it is under construction.

Previously, various technological problems were solved in the production of generation units. A 6-kilowatt pilot power station was built here, and all the functional indicators met expectations. All these laid a technological foundation for the project.

The Polar Photovoltaics CEO Dr. Sun stressed that PV power generation is to turn the light energy of the sun into power energy with the help of solar energy, and is friendly to the environment.

Because of the strained energy supply and the environmental protection, the PV industry tends to thrive. The CEO predicted that solar energy-based power would replace part of conventional energy and play an important role in the global energy consumption.

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