ArcelorMittal and Group OPDE establish a collaboration agreement in the photovoltaic solar energy sector

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The commercial agreement is developed in the three lines of business and focuses on the photovoltaic market for industrial buildings, solar farms and car parks on a world-wide level.

ArcelorMittal Construcción España, branch of the biggest iron and steel company worldwide, and the Spanish solar photovoltaic multinational, Group OPDE, have signed a commercial agreement to develop the photovoltaic roof-top market in industrial buildings and car parks. The use of the roofs and canopies to generate electrical power is a growing market and is an architectural solution for energy self-sufficiency and combating climate change

ArcelorMittal Construcción España already has three different solutions for roof-top photovoltaic installations in industrial buildings, canopies and fixed structures (Kalipso SP, Kalipso light, Eklips SP y Kassiope). Basically it consists of roof top and canopy photovoltaic systems to generate energy. With this agreement PROINSO, who form part of the Grupo OPDE, supplements its catalogue of solutions for this photovoltaic sector and provides its Network of 1,272 qualified installers in 48 countries.

The agreement established that for those photovoltaic projects which have sprung up on the international panorama and which are the result of the commercial arrangements by ArcelorMittal Construcción España, the metal and steel company will bank on OPDE as the first option when the Project is a turnkey one. Similarly ArcelorMittal Construcción España will offer its customers with new industrial buildings, the option that OPDE can rent their photovoltaic roof-top to develop, promote, construct and finance photovoltaic projects.

The third line of the agreement includes the collaboration with the Network of Qualified installers of PROINSO in solar energy projects to be developed commercially in Spain by ArcelorMittal Construcción España and which are not turnkey (EPC).

Both companies have made a very positive valuation of the agreement reached. Those in charge of ArcelorMittal emphasize the strategic interest of the agreement to reinforce and grow their area of business in the solar photovoltaic sector.

On the other hand, Grupo OPDE emphasize that having the greatest iron and steel company world-wide as a “strategic ally” will contribute to reinforcing the position of leadership of the multinational (OPDE, MECASOLAR and PROINSO); as well as to reinforce PROINSO´s product catalogue and the promotion and construction of roof photovoltaics by OPDE./

Information on ArcelorMittal

ArcelorMittal is the main iron and steel producer world-wide, operating in more than 60 countries.

ArcelorMittal occupies a position of leadership in all the main world-wide steel markets, including the automobile, construction, electric appliances and packaging. It enjoys an outstanding position in R+D and technology fields, as well as its own substantial resources of raw materials and excellent networks of distribution.

It has industrial facilities in more than 20 countries in four continents, which allows it to be present in all the key steel markets, in both developed countries and emergent markets. Through its fundamental values – Sustainability, Quality and Leadership – ArcelorMittal assumes its commitment to act responsibly with regard to the health, safety and well-being of its employees, its contractors and the communities in which it develops its activities. Also, the Group is firmly committed to the sustainable management of the environment and its natural resources. <> ; <> ; <>

Corporate Information: Grupo OPDE

Group OPDE is formed by the companies OPDE, MECASOLAR and PROINSO. OPDE is specialized in the promotion and global construction of photovoltaic solar plants, being one of the major companies for the promotion, construction and operation and maintenance of photovoltaic solar farms in Europe. Since its constitution, OPDE has executed and maintained photovoltaic solar farms for a total of 101 MW between Spain and Italy. Besides numerous ones in the pipeline for the coming years in Italy, and in the USA

MECASOLAR centres its activity on the design and manufacture of solar trackers and fixed structures, and with 282 MW installed in Europe, its trackers are the most popular on the European market. Throughout the last two years a total of 22,000 MECASOLAR 1 and 2-axis solar trackers have been distributed, with Italy, Spain, Greece and the USA, being the main markets.

PROINSO, on the other hand, is devoted to the supply of modules, fixed structures and inverters; being the first international distributor of world-wide brand leaders in the sector, such as TRINA and SMA, besides distributing REC and CANADIAN SOLAR photovoltaic modules. The modules supplied by PROINSO in the period 2007-2010, reached 528 MW inverters and 284 MWs modules in the same period. <> ; <> ; <> ; <>

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