Alstom wins its first contract in the Moroccan wind power market with a wind farm totaling 100 MW of clean power

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s wind farm, to be commissioned in 2011.

Alstom today announces the signing of a contract with Nareva Holding, subsidiary of ONA, the leading Moroccan industrial and financial group, for a new wind farm in Akhfenir, in the Kingdom of Morocco. This wind farm, to be commissioned in 2011, will consist of 61 Alstom ECO 74 wind turbines totaling more than 100 MW of renewable energy to be supplied to private industrial customers in Morocco, mainly as part of the Energipro scheme*.

Alstom will supply, install and commission the wind farm and is responsible for operation and maintenance during the first five years. During the installation phase, Alstom will hire around 45 people to work on site, with a further 16 employees in charge of operation and maintenance.

The new contract underlines Morocco’s commitment to reaching 42% of its electricity generation capacity from renewable sources by 2020, one third of it from wind energy.

Alstom has a strong history in Morocco and has accompanied the country in its development of both thermal and renewable energy generation. Over 50% of the country’s electric capacity includes Alstom-made equipment.
Particularly present in hydropower in Morocco, Alstom has already installed some 800 MW of the country’s hydropower production – over half of its installed hydropower base.

Philippe Cochet, Senior Vice President for Alstom Wind and Hydro declared, “Alstom is proud to have signed this contract in Morocco to enable the group and its client to further strengthen Morocco’s wind industry, in line with the country’s environmental policies. This contract is the first wind contract signed by Alstom in the country and represents a promising step for further projects in this sector.”

Mohamed Sebti, Senior Corporate Director for Nareva Energy, comments “We are excited to play an important role in the development of Morocco’s wind-generating capacity and are satisfied with the signing of this important contract with Alstom, which we consider a trustworthy business partner. We appreciate this ongoing cooperation with Alstom and look forward to partnering with Alstom on other energy projects in our portfolio”.

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