Alstom will be a major provider to the Belo Monte Dam hydropower plant in Brazil

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The Belo Monte project will dam the Xingu river in Brazil’s northern Pará state.

Alstom has signed a contract worth approximately €500 million with Norte Energia of Brazil to provide power equipment for the Belo Monte Dam, the world’s third-largest hydroelectric power plant with a planned capacity of 11,230 MW. The Belo Monte project will dam the Xingu river in Brazil’s northern Pará state.

Alstom will lead a consortium that includes German Voith and Austrian Andritz for fourteen 611 MW Francis turbine-generator sets and the six smaller Bulb units. Alstom will supply seven Francis units, hydro-mechanical equipment and associated Gas Insulated Substations (GIS) for the fourteen large-scale units.

It is expected that Belo Monte will take eight years to be built. When operating at full capacity, Belo Monte will meet the electricity needs of 35 million people.

Hydropower accounts for 85% of Brazil’s power production. Alstom, present in Brazil for 55 years, has played a significant role in the development of this hydro capacity including providing products and services for hydropower projects including Itaipu –the world’s second largest hydropower plant-, Tucuruí and most recently Jirau and Santo Antônio, as well as thermal projects such as TermoBahia and ThyssenKrup CSA.

Overall, Alstom has supplied more than 100 hydro turbines and generators to the Brazilian market over the past ten years and its equipment accounts for 35% of Brazil’s installed hydro capacity.

“Alstom’s world leading power technology continues to play an important role in Brazil’s long-term quest to secure its energy future by investing in renewables”, said Philippe Joubert, Alstom Power President. “This contract is the product of our commitment to developing highly efficient renewable nergy solutions. Our high performance hydro turbines and generators, in conjunction with our grid technology, maximize the efficiency of hydropower plants.”

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