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The European Photovoltaic Industry Association (EPIA) launches the European Photovoltaic Observatory.

Climate Change and the perspective of fossil fuel scarcity have strengthened the need to strongly promote renewable energies. As the deployment of photovoltaic solar electricity (PV) can help the European Union meet its crucial climate and energy targets, the European Photovoltaic Industry Association advocates sustainable policies with the goal of keeping the PV industry and market on an accelerated, yet sustainable growth path.

In light of the fast evolution of the European PV market over the recent years and the evident need for a permanent monitoring of PV market dynamics, EPIA has decided to launch the “European Photovoltaic Observatory”. Based on the analysis of existing policies in an increasing number of key countries in Europe, the Observatory identifies beneficial conditions for market development and best practices for sustainable development of PV, promoting market transparency and harmonisation across Europe at the same time.

The Photovoltaic Observatory is structured around three main recommendations:

Sustainable support schemes

For several years now, the Feed-in Tariffs (FiT) have proven their ability to develop the market in many areas of the world and are today unilaterally recognised as the most effective instrument. However, to avoid market stagnation or overheat, the FiT level must be adapted on a regular basis in order to integrate the dynamic evolution of technological progress and increasing cost competitiveness of PV systems.

Streamlined administrative procedures

The creation of a “one stop-shop” for all relevant authorisations is recommended together with the reduction of administrative lead times.

Efficient grid connection processes

The Observatory also provides an analysis of grid access conditions, of the possibility to transmit and distribute the produced electricity and of specific legal requirements related to the grid connection.

While PV still requires political support in order to sustainably reach full cost competitiveness with traditional energy sources, the Photovoltaic Observatory represents ‘

an essential instrument to advise national and European decision-makers for the successful implementation of their support policies” explains Ingmar Wilhelm, President of EPIA.

Launched at the occasion of the 25th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition (25th EU PVSEC/WCPEC-5) in Valencia, Spain this week, the Observatory report is now available on the EPIA website at: Starting with key PV markets in Europe, it will be progressively complemented with analyses of additional countries world-wide and also deepen the information on all markets under survey.

‘The European Photovoltaic Observatory of EPIA represents a key tool to inform about the sustainable development of PV markets and the industry in Europe as well as world-wide” Wilhelm concludes.

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