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Hydrogen generation for power storage in wind turbine system.

Acta, the clean energy products company, is pleased to announce that it has received a €780,000 grant for the development of a domestic power generation, storage and recovery system, linking a microgeneration wind turbine to Acta’s hydrogen generator and fuel cell system. This award is part of a total funding of €1.3 million for the 18-month project, granted by the local government of the Tuscany Region and involving Acta, the University of Pisa, and Aequalis Srl, a specialist local wind turbine developer.

The combined system is being developed for use in homes that are not connected to the electricity grid and for remote renewable energy storage applications. It will also act as a demonstrator for larger-scale peak energy shaving applications. Energy generated from a wind turbine will be used to produce hydrogen from water using Acta’s unique electrolysis technology. The pure, dry, compressed hydrogen can be stored and then used, on demand, to produce electricity through a mid-sized fuel cell. The Company believes that future applications will include distributed power microgeneration and storage, and ultimately that the system can be scaled up to utility-sized installations for use with commercial wind farms.

Paolo Bert, Chief Executive, commented: “We are very pleased to have received funding approval for this strategic application of our highly innovative hydrogen generator. The market for distributed power generation, storage and buffering applications is enormous, and this project will allow us to demonstrate the technical and commercial viability of our renewable energy storage solution. We are confident that this project will demonstrate further the potential that our hydrogen generator has in promoting the adoption of renewable energy.”

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