A Smart Grid moves closer with £62m networks projects announcement says ENA

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A smarter grid moved one step closer today with the announcement of £62m of funding for projects for the networks of the future.

David Smith, ENA Chief Executive said: “The funding of research and development projects for the networks is to be welcomed. The fund is an important contribution to the ongoing work of research and development into our energy future.

David continued “We believe that all the bids put forward are of vital importance and ENA continues to support a process where as many projects as possible are funded. This will increase learning opportunities, increase skills within ENA member companies and maintain the momentum that has been generated through the bid process, particularly partnerships with local organisations.”

Looking to the role for Europe David said: “With the recent announcement of an infrastructure blueprint for the EU including work towards smart grids and investment in a North Sea grid for electricity, there are welcome opportunities for network operators to seek EU funding for research and development projects to make this a reality.

Clearly there is an enabling role for the regulators in terms of smart grid development. Ofgem has been quicker off the mark than most and the low carbon fund is an innovative approach. However, the EU must also play its part and identify central funds to support the work of the regulators and industry.”

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