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8.2 supports renewable energy projects on four continents

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8.2 Ingenieurpartnerschaft Obst & Ziehmann expands its geographical reach and wins orders for technical consultancy services around the globe.

The internationalization strategy of 8.2 Ingenieurpartnerschaft Obst & Ziehmann (8.2) was launched in 2012 and now shows growing success.

The independent experts for wind and solar energy initially established operations in South Africa and Chile. In 2014, consultancy orders as technical advisor for the largest solar power plant in Pakistan and for photovoltaic and wind power projects in Turkey followed. Today, the engineers of 8.2 support renewable energy projects in Brazil, Kenya, Mozambique, South Africa, Kazakhstan, as well as projects in several European countries. As a result, activities in non-European countries already contribute to more than 50% of the total sales volume in 2014. The scope of services covered by 8.2 ranges from feasibility studies to tendering assistance (EPC Selection), quality assurance during project implementation (Owner’s Engineer) and project financing support (Lender’s Engineer).

8.2 acts as catalyst for successful renewable energy projects

Project developers, general contractors and investors from the established solar and wind energy markets have invested heavily to optimize processes and reduce the cost of renewable energies over the past years. “8.2 applies this vast knowledge in new markets and thereby acts as a catalyst to enable successful project implementation,” said Dietmar Obst, General Manager of 8.2 Ingenieurpartnerschaft Obst & Ziehmann. “In particular, the interdisciplinary and international competencies of our engineers are vital to facilitate an efficient interface management between project development, financing and construction.”

8.2 customers benefit from this veritable head start on the learning curve of renewable energy.


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