50MW Solar PV Plant Shaped Like A Giant Panda

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United PV and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) have partnered to jointly launch the “Panda Solar Power Plant” that promotes both youth engagement and sustainable development.

The “Panda Solar Power Plant” will be designed and constructed in accordance with the image of “Chinese national treasure” – a giant panda. It will cover a total area of about 1,500 acres, with a total installed capacity of 50 MW. The black part will be composed of monocrystalline silicon solar PV cells, and the grey part will be composed of the thin-film solar cells. The project will be funded and constructed by United PV.

The inauguration of the program was held in the Beijing office of the UN on 1 September and was attended by many party officials including Agi Veres, country director of UNDP in China, Sarah Kemp, minister-counsellor of commerce from the US Embassy in China and Li Junfeng, director of the National Centre for Climate Change Strategy and International Cooperation.

Through the ‘Panda Solar Power Plant‘, United PV and the UNDP aim to carry on the ambitions displayed at the Paris Agreement and promote the popularization of sustainable development, in particular, among the younger generation. The program is not only a direct vehicle for UN incentive on climate change, but will also be promoted by government groups, enterprises and the wider community.



More importantly, the Panda Solar Power Plant will stimulate teenagers’ interest and investment in sustainable development, and thus become the main force in response to global climate change. The early join of the young will definitely further promote all social forces to address climate change.

The project received considerable international support, including participation from First Solar, SunPower, IBM, Apple Inc, Huawei, Sungrow, Powerchina and LONGI, according to a statement by United PV.

Last year, US utility Duke Energy Florida said it would construct a Mickey Mouse-shaped solar facility near the Walt Disney World resort in Florida.


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