2 megawatts: Conergy wins tender of Stadtwerke Trier for two solar parks

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Realised 13 megawatts in collaboration with SWT Stadtwerke Trier since 2009.

Hamburg, 16 May 2012 – Conergy extends the existing collaboration with Stadtwerke Trier since 2009 by winning a tender for two solar parks with a total capacity of 2.2 megawatts. For both power plants, the local energy provider relies on 100% Conergy quality and components. Conergy acts as general contractor and is responsible for planning and design of the parks as well as realisation, construction and component supply.

Solar park “Mehring IV” with a total capacity of about 1.2 megawatts will be built on an open area along federal motorway A1, while the 1 megawatt solar power plant in Welschbillig is located on a former military terrain between Trier and Bitburg. Both parks will be connected to the grid at the end of June 2012. Following the construction of the 8.4 megawatts plant in Föhren in 2009 and the supply of components for the 2.6 megawatts solar park “Mehring III” last year, Conergy and Stadtwerke Trier have already realised four mutual solar projects with a total capacity of about 13 megawatts.

Alexander Gorski, member of the Conergy Management Board, said: “We are delighted that we have won the tender and can realise two more projects for Stadtwerke Trier. Close collaboration with energy providers bears interesting opportunities for the future of solar energy and numerous new business models in the long run. In the near future, photovoltaics will not be a primarily financial product any longer. Instead, the reliable provision of clean and affordable energy will enjoy priority.”

The two solar projects are a further milestone for Stadtwerke Trier and the expansion of renewable energy plants in the greater Trier region. The municipal energy provider wants to cover more than half of the city’s energy consumption with renewable energy by 2025. Stadtwerke Trier relies on the expansion of both wind and solar energy as well as planning of a 300 megawatts pumped-storage power plant. The latter is to regulate the extended and strongly fluctuating power generation from renewable energy for the customers in the region of Trier.

Already today, Stadtwerke Trier operates solar parks with a total capacity of more than 30 megawatts; more than one third realised together with Conergy. Not for nothing: “We have made very good experiences with Conergy in the past,” said Heiko Bollig, Director Renewable Energy at SWT Stadtwerke Trier. “The quality of planning, realisation as well as the components has been excellent with all parks so far. We get everything from one source, from one point of contact. It is essential for us as an energy provider, that the power plants are reliable for the entire runtime, thus generating constant and high returns. This pays for us.”

In the two new solar parks of the Stadtwerke portfolio, approximately 9,500 Conergy PowerPlus modules on SolarLinea mounting systems will generate more than 2,200 megawatt hours of clean solar energy. This energy will be fed into the grid by seven Conergy IPG 300C central inverters in Conergy CIS central inverter stations. The generated energy can provide 800 households in the region of Trier with emission-free energy. At the same time, the solar park avoids the emission of 1,300 tons of carbon dioxide per year.

Source: Conergy

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