1366 Technologies Teams with RENA to Unveil High-Efficiency Cell Process

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Integrated solutions will dramatically reduce cost per watt.

Lexington, MA – [WorldofRenewables.com]

1366 Technologies, a silicon photovoltaics (PV) equipment company, today announced it has partnered with RENA, the PV market leader in wet processing, to incorporate 1366’s Self-Aligned Cell technology into a complete cell production process.
The new high-efficiency silicon cell process will integrate 1366’s proprietary structured patterning technology with RENA’s wet processing technology.

“Integrating 1366 Technologies into our existing process clusters will provide customers with higher-performing cells,” said Hartmut Nussbaumer, managing director of RENA. RENA’s current product line includes the market-leading InTex wet processing system for texturing wafers.

The addition of 1366’s proprietary honeycomb-structured texture to the cell production process will yield a significant improvement in absolute cell efficiency. The texture can be used on both mono-crystalline and multi-crystalline wafers, giving cell manufacturers previously unattainable flexibility.

“RENA is one of the leading PV technology companies in the world. This partnership validates the effectiveness of our Self-Aligned Cell technology, opens up new sales channels for us and dramatically compresses our time to market,” said Frank van Mierlo, president of 1366 Technologies.

About RENA
RENA GmbH is the world-market leader for wet chemical applications for the photovoltaic and semiconductor industries, as well as in electroplating and medical technology. RENA is a sought-after partner in the industry and continues to pursue the development of global plant standards.
RENA’s engineering and manufacturing facilities are located in Germany. Global sales and service offices are located throughout Europe, North America, China, Japan and APAC.
For more information, please visit rena.com

About 1366 Technologies
1366 Technologies combines breakthrough innovations in silicon cell architecture with lean manufacturing processes to enable the world’s most cost effective high efficiency silicon solar cells.
Developed by a veteran team of scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs, including MIT professor and photovoltaic industry expert Dr. Emanuel Sachs, the company’s novel approach breaks the historic efficiency and cost tradeoff of photovoltaics.
1366 Technologies is headquartered in Lexington, MA.

Source: 1366 Technologies

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