11th Renewable Energy Finance Forum London

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Date: 21 September 2009 – 22 September 2009

Venue: Millennium Gloucester, London , London , United Kingdom

Now in its 11th anniversary year, the Renewable Energy Finance Forum (REFF) London is Europe’s largest and best-established event for renewable energy finance and investment.

The 2009 conference will be the sector’s first large-scale discussion of the historic Renewable Energy Directive, newly agreed by the EU in December 2008. It will also be the industry’s first major event since the financial crisis started shaking economies worldwide.

The two-day event will unite investors with project developers and senior executives from across the renewable energy and technology sectors, to provide delegates with cutting-edge insight as well as unparalleled networking opportunities.

As in the last few years, REFF-London 2009 will also feature the Global Euromoney and Ernst & Young Renewable Energy Awards, celebrating excellence in renewable energy finance.

Delegates at REFF-London 2009 will benefit from:

• Extensive networking features which will allow you to use your time effectively, to meet clients and build up valuable business contacts fast
• Major exhibition showcasing the cutting edge of renewable energy companies, investment opportunities, and major industry players
• High level speakers from finance, government and industry, giving authoritative insights into renewable energy policy and investment Now in its 11th anniversary year, the Renewable Energy Finance Forum (REFF) London is Europe’s largest and best-established event for renewable energy finance and investment.

The 10th REFF-London in 2008 attracted over 400 participants

“If there was one event I would recommend a financier to go to in Europe – it would be this one.” Stephan Decher, Clean Capital LLP, London

“Excellent program with very knowledgable speakers and, with the large audience, excellent networking opportunities” Frederick H. Morse, MAI

Contact us:

To find out about exhibiting at REFF-London or taking a sponsorship option, contact cwhite@euromoneyplc.com

For information about marketing opportunities please email marketing@euromoneyenergy.com

If you are interested in speaking at REFF-London or another Euromoney Energy Events conference please contact webmaster@euromoneyenergy.com

Visit our site: http://www.euromoneyenergy.com/EventDetails/0/914/11th-Renewable-Energy-Finance-Forum-London.html

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