29 June 2011

London, United Kingdom



Join us this June as we debate, discuss and examine the development of 100% renewable electricity roadmaps for key global regions and nations. By attending you will hear from key energy experts and economists about the scenarios for a global shift to 100% renewable electricity. For more information visit www.greenpowerconferences.com/100renewables

With energy demands on the increase, this shift will tackle several major problems: fossil energy volatility, energy security, energy poverty, resource wards, economic development and will boost the future global economy.

Key topics to be discussed include:

  • Regional plans towards a 100% renewable electricity reality
  • Towards a 100% renewable electric nations
  • 100% renewable electricity building blocks
  • Case studies of the future: 100% renewable cities & communities

Expert speakers include:

Professor Mark Z. Jacobsen, Stanford University
Prof Olav Hohmeyer, German Advisory Council on the Environment
Mark Delucchi, University of California-Davis
Prof Martin Faulstich, Environment Committee of the German Parliament
Stefan Singer, Head of the European Climate and Energy Policy, WWF

Why should you attend?

  • Access the latest insight and research from leading energy experts
  • Debate the likelihood of such scenarios
  • Understand the risks and opportunities available
  • Learn about the key building blocks and challenges
  • Gain a long term view to help develop and inform your strategy today
  • Determine the best path for your organization
  • Network with key thinkers and strategists

There is One Solution for Security, Poverty and the Environment.

Access the 100% Renewable Report Centre to download 10 related reports for free: http://www2.greenpowerconferences.co.uk/EF/?sSubSystem=Prospectus&sEventCode=RE1106UK&sSessionID=372e4556d04b61cc608e3f29689d34ca-2411051&sDocument=Reports

Non Profit Event
All profits from this event will go to Climate Adaptation charities, initially Project Gaia and SolarAid: http://www2.greenpowerconferences.co.uk/EF/?sSubSystem=Prospectus&sEventCode=RE1106UK&sSessionID=372e4556d04b61cc608e3f29689d34ca-2411051&sDocument=Nonprofit

Register online today at www.greenpowerconferences.com/100renewables

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