Vanguard Energy Partners Helps Power New Jersey Federal Correctional Institution with Solar Energy

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Solar Array Built with Inmate Help Will Contribute to 27 Percent Reduction in Energy Use.

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Vanguard Energy Partners, a leader in the design and installation of large-scale solar electric systems, announces the deployment of a 402-kilowatt solar power system at the Fairton, N.J. Federal Correctional Institution. The ground-mounted photovoltaic (PV) array will help offset the facility’s electricity bills while furthering its sustainability efforts.

Vanguard was chosen by Constellation Energy, FCI Fairton’s solar and energy services contractor for the project, to design and construct the ground-mounted array to border the medium-security corrections facility using 1,872 inmate-made Unicor solar modules. The modules were made by inmates at a factory in a federal prison in Otisville, N.Y. while inmates from FCI Fairton worked alongside Vanguard Energy Partners and a union workforce to construct the project. The solar installation is the first on a federal prison in the Northeast and was part of a larger energy conservation initiative spearheaded by Baltimore-based Constellation Energy.

“Turning to solar energy to help power our facility was a win-win,” commented Prison Warden Paul Schultz. “Now we will be able to combine significant cost savings with a reduction on our reliance of fossil fuels. Additionally, we were able to provide our inmates with the opportunity to work on the project and gain skills training in the green industry.”

“Vanguard Energy Partners is proud to bring solar to the Federal Corrections Institution in Fairton,” said Tom Buono, Vanguard’s vice president of operations. “This array will help the prison significantly reduce its electricity use and save the facility approximately $80,000 in the first year alone. It is our hope that more Federal, State, and local agencies embrace solar as a clean, renewable energy alternative to fossil based, greenhouse gas emitting energy sources. “

The adoption of renewable solar energy will contribute to a 27 percent reduction in energy usage at the prison. The solar system will produce nearly 500 kilowatt hours per year. In addition to the economic benefits enjoyed by FCI, the system lessens the prison’s environmental impact by reducing CO2 emissions by 790,000 pounds per year. That is equivalent to conserving 40,333 gallons of gasoline, 834 barrels of oil, or removing 69 cars off the road each year.

About Constellation Energy

Constellation Energy ( is a leading supplier of energy products and services to wholesale and retail electric and natural gas customers. It owns a diversified fleet of generating units located in the United States and Canada, totaling approximately 9,000 megawatts of generating capacity, and is among the leaders pursuing the development of new nuclear plants in the United States. The company delivers electricity and natural gas through the Baltimore Gas and Electric Company (BGE), its regulated utility in Central Maryland. A FORTUNE 500 company headquartered in Baltimore, Constellation Energy had revenues of $15.6 billion in 2009.

About Vanguard Energy Partners, LLC

Vanguard Energy Partners, LLC ( designs and integrates large-scale solar electric systems for businesses, government agencies, educational institutions and utilities. With operating offices in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Florida, Vanguard excels at providing turnkey solar electric solutions for the private and public sectors. With extensive experience in construction, commercial roofing and electrical systems management, Vanguard has completed over 130 solar installations with more than 12 MW of DC rated capacity.

SOURCE Vanguard Energy Partners, LLC

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