Untapped potential of solar energy

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WITH the world's politicians heading off to Copenhagen for the climate summit next week, it is likely that high on the agenda will be the challenge of producing enough energy to power the needs of the world’s population

This is not a new dilemma, but with fossil fuels diminishing and the evidence for man’s role in global warming increasing, the question of how to supply our energy needs is likely to prove more pressing than ever.

Here in the UK the idea of alternative energy often conjures up images of fields of wind turbines. Less frequently do our thoughts turn to solar energy – hardly surprising in a country renowned for its climate for all the wrong reasons.

However, as the recent Solar Flair 09 conference in County Durham revealed, the UK has enormous untapped potential to make far greater use of solar energy. In fact if every south-facing house in the UK were fitted with solar panels, enough electricity would be generated to meet all the country’s energy needs.

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