Photovoltaics V Solar Thermal

Photovoltaics V Solar Thermal

Solar thermal technology, and solar PV are two very different forms of solar technology. As the name may suggest to you, solar thermals technology is used to create heat for your home. Sunlight is collected as it would be via regular solar panels, before being transformed into heat for water or your home in general. It can also be stored and turned into electricity at a later time. Next, you have the solar panels. These utilise PV technology to capture the rays from the sun and directly convert it into electricity.

Solar Thermal

Solar thermal power is used for heating water, although it can also be used to heat your home as well. The way in which the technology works is actually quite simple. The panels that have been installed on your roof are what collects the sunlight. This then heats up the liquid in the tubes before being transported into a cylinder where it is ready for use.

There are quite a few advantages to using solar thermal technology, and you can find the main ones in this list:

• Solar thermal technology is more space efficient than its solar PV counterpart. So, it takes up less space on your roof
• Solar thermal also tends to be up to 70% more efficient when it comes to collecting hear from the sun’s rays than solar PV
• The technology itself is a lot less complex than solar PV
• It makes the ideal environmentally friendly solution for heating water
• They can be a valuable asset for businesses as they save a lot on energy bills.
• There are also some disadvantages to this technology, and they can be found in the list below:

• It is less effective in the winter months when the sunlight tends to be weaker and the weather cloudier
• Solar PV systems tend to be a lot more versatile than the solar thermal ones
• Solar thermal technology has a shorter lifespan than solar panels
• Finding the right supplier can be an incredibly time-consuming process

Selecting solar thermal technology is a great way to go, and you are sure to enjoy this superior energy solution – especially when compared to other forms of green energy. However, solar thermal is still considered to be an option that is exclusively for water heating, as this is currently its best function.