Tire recycling system produces diesel-grade fuel

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Recycling process from UAE-based company Shin-y to be introduced at Middle East Waste Summit.

Dubai, UAE, 12 May 2010: Disposal of scrap tires poses significant environmental and logistical challenges on a global scale, not excluding safety hazards, fires, overflowing landfills, health threats and severe atmospheric pollution. An estimate of over 800 million scrap tires is generated each year world-wide, and the total number of scrap tires in stockpiles is expected to be in excess of 10 billion. The GCC is no exception to this disposal problem.

Exhibiting at the Middle East Waste Summit from 18 – 20 May 2010, Shin-y is keen to market its new technology which will ultimately provide a solution to the scrap tire challenges in the UAE. Ecoil Sys for Waste Tire Recycling, a system exclusive to Shin-y in the Middle East, is an economical, innovative, and environmentally-sound solution for recycling scrap tires.

The Ecoil Sys process is pyrolysis based, and scrap tires are heated in rotating kilns to result in 40-45% extracted oil, 30% carbon black, 12% steel braid, and 13% gas. The recovered oil from Ecoil Sys is of diesel grade. The carbon can be further treated through an incinerator to produce steam that could be used to generate power, or converted to solid fuel. The recovered steel is re-usable raw material, and the gas produced is re-used to heat the Ecoil Sys kilns.

Shin-y explains: “The Ecoil Sys is in perfect alignment with the environmental strategies that the country, and for that matter the GCC and countries in the Middle East are pursuing. The Middle East Waste Summit presents the perfect forum to introduce this new technology to a market that is eager to listen”.

Shin-y has prepared its management and technical team to make Ecoil Sys presentations at the Waste Summit, with an ultimate goal to implement this technology through-out the UAE and the Middle East.

View the full exhibitor list at www.wastesummit.com

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