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In collaboration between World Bioenergy 2010 and the World Bioenergy Association

The World Bioenergy Award is an award for an individual who has made a difference: a business leader, politician or researcher who in a crucial way has furthered the development of the bioenergy sector. The award is a sign that the achievements of this person are of outstanding importance to the field of bioenergy utilisation.

The award, comprising a statuette and diploma, will be presented on 25 May at the opening session of the World Bioenergy conference and exhibition at Elmia in Jönköping, Sweden. After being honoured, the winner will be expected to give a short speech about her/his achievements in the bioenergy field to the attending media.

Nominate your candidate!

Do you know of someone who deserves the acknowledgement of winning the World Bioenergy Award? Then nominate this person at or

Anyone can nominate a candidate. Individuals in the field of science, business or politics, regardless of where in the world they are active, are welcome as nominees. Just make sure you include a clear and sound explanation of why you think this person should receive the award. Companies or organisations cannot be nominated. The nomination process ends on 15 April.

A jury consisting of the board members of the World Bioenergy Association and the exhibition manager of World Bioenergy will decide which nominees will be competing for the award. These competing nominees will be announced at the two organizers’ web pages on 28 April and a final winner will be announced on 25 May 2010, on the opening day of
World Bioenergy 2010.

The winner will of course be invited to participate in the World Bioenergy 2010 conference, excursions and exhibition at no cost. One person who nominated the winner will receive a one-day admission pass to the World Bioenergy conference.

Why the World Bioenergy Award?

Many good deeds are being done in the field of bioenergy around the world. Many of them deserve to be appreciated and showcased as good examples. The World Bioenergy Award is intended to serve as an inspiration to professionals working with bioenergy. Showcasing an innovation or other good example should help to encourage continued progress.

The World Bioenergy conference and exhibition brings together the elite of the global bioenergy industry every second year. Both the event and the World Bioenergy Association work on a global basis and we want to honour individuals who are helping to further the bioenergy cause.

The World Bioenergy Award 2010 is a collaboration between

To the nomiantion form!

For more info about World Bioenergy 2010, please visit or contact
Jakob Hirsmark, exhibition manager, +46-36-15 22 14,
Gustav Melin, conference manager, +46 8 441 70 80,

For more information about the World Bioenergy Association, please contact Ms Karin Haara, +46 8 441 70 84,,

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