Sixtron wins solar technology award at Intersolar 2009

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The Cell Awards are judged by a consortium of the solar industry’s

leading companies and research organizations, including Q-Cells,

Suntech Power and Fraunhofer ISE, and recognize products with the most

potential to lower the cost of solar technology.

“Our panel of judges from across the solar industry knows all too

well how difficult it is to expand manufacturing operations when

burdened with silane safety infrastructure and procedures,” said David

Owen, managing director of Photovoltaics International. “Sixtron’s

technology is alleviating this liability, and we believe it will become

an important part of solar’s journey toward grid parity.”

The SunBox is an on-site gas generation system that uses a solid

polymer source material to safely and effectively deposit

anti-reflective and passivation layers on crystalline silicon (c-Si)

solar cells. The SunBox system is plug & play compatible with

industry standard plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD)

equipment on both new and existing manufacturing lines.

Prior to the introduction of the SunBox, anti-reflective coatings

and passivation layers have primarily been deposited using silane. This

pyrophoric gas, which requires costly safety and handling procedures,

multiplies manufacturers’ financial and operational risks.

“The SunBox delivers process improvement to solar cell manufacturers

while at the same time reducing both capital expenses and operating

costs,” said Zbigniew Barwicz, CEO of Sixtron. “Our silane-free system

provides our customers with a path to improved cell efficiencies

without major disruption of manufacturing processes. This award is

independent recognition by top cell manufacturers that the SunBox

provides exceptional value to the industry.”

The SunBox coating system is sold directly to solar cell and

equipment manufacturers by Sixtron, and is currently being evaluated by

leading equipment providers for inclusion into existing and future

turnkey offerings.

About Sixtron Advanced Materials

Sixtron is a private company focused on developing scalable and

cost-effective industrial coating systems that avoid the costs and

hazards associated with shipping silane gas and handling it on-site at

PV fabs. The proprietary Sixtron SunBox system delivers gas using

industry standard PECVD equipment to deposit anti-reflective and

backside passivation coatings on crystalline silicon solar cells. The

company has worked closely throughout its product development with

leading research organizations such as the National Renewable Energy

Laboratory (NREL) in Golden, CO and the University Center of Excellence

for Photovoltaic Research and Education (UCEP) in Atlanta, GA. Sixtron

has raised over $12 million since inception from Ventures West Capital,

Inovia Capital and Cycle Capital. For more information, visit

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