Satcon releases Solstice for general availability

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Satcon Technology has released its Solstice, a utility grade solar PV solution for large scale solar power plants, for general availability in North America

The Solstice is projected to deliver fine grained power harvesting and control with progressive utility ready grid interconnection. It is anticipated to boost total power production by 5-12% and reduce overall system material costs.

“Satcon Solstice sets the new standard for large scale, utility class solar PV power production.” said Steve Rhoades, CEO of Satcon. “By addressing the performance of the entire system, Solstice introduces a highly optimized energy harvest architecture and combines it with advanced grid interconnection and utility control capabilities. This delivers significant performance gains, improved system safety and reliability, and an overall reduction in balance of system costs.”

The Solstice platform intends to deliver more power over the lifetime of the PV system, while reducing the overall installed cost of the power plant. The Solstice is available now in North America and will be in Europe and Asia during the first part of 2010.

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