Raycap Announces New Photovoltaic Power Plant

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The new facility provides solar power and a testing ground for the company's high-reliability surge protective devices.

Munich, Germany (ots) – At the Intersolar Europe Show today Raycap Corporation, a global manufacturer and provider of surge protective devices (SPDs) for industrial, telecommunications and energy markets, announced it has completed construction of a new Photovoltaic (PV) power generation facility capable of producing 1,411KWpk power. The highly efficient, state-of-the art PV facility is located adjacent to Raycap’s factory at Drama, and is one of the largest solar power plants in Northern Greece. The solar installation is equipped with 18,200 high-efficiency thin-film solar panels while two 800kW central inverters ensure efficient, reliable power distribution to the grid. The new PV plant is expected to generate 2 Million KWh yearly. The inverter and junction boxes in Raycap’s PV plant are totally protected against overvoltages through a well-designed and engineered installation of the company’s SPD solutions. All DC and AC power lines, as well as signaling and surveillance circuits are protected by Raycap’s Strikesorb® and ACData® surge protective devices.

Raycap invested in the state-of-the-art facility for a number of reasons. The company wanted to contribute clean, efficient electricity for the region. In addition, the PV plant will serve as a Research & Development test facility for Raycap’s photovoltaic power protection products. Although photovoltaic technology has greatly advanced in the past decade, there are still many uncertainties facing developers and operators. The complex design of photovoltaic power generation systems, and the critical connection to the grid mean that overvoltage protection must be in place to guard against the risk of downtime and to extend the expected lifetime of the operation. Through its ongoing R&D efforts at the Drama PV facility, Raycap is committed to understanding, developing and testing the highest level of surge protection solutions for PV operations.

“Aside from the obvious benefits of the solar generated power, access to this facility for testing our Strikesorb line of SPDs supports the initiative to continue engineering them for use in more extreme conditions, enabling best-in-class solutions for markets that value reliable electrical protection,” said Dr. Zafiris Politis, R&D Director for Raycap’s Electrical Protection Business Unit. “The new solar power plant next to our factory at Drama extends Raycap’s ability to test its integrated AC, DC and signal protection solutions to deliver the highest reliability with virtually no maintenance.”

The completion of the solar power project is part of the company’s strategic plan to continue to develop Strikesorb as the ultimate overvoltage protection for photovoltaic installations. Strikesorb SPDs have unique technical and operational properties specifically engineered to provide the highest reliability in mission-critical applications.

About Raycap

Raycap is a global manufacturer and supplier of diversified products and services for the industrial, telecommunications and energy markets. The company’s electrical protection solutions include its Strikesorb, Rayvoss®, and ACData product lines. Raycap was founded in 1987 and has operations in Europe and North America. For more information find us at www.raycapsurgeprotection.com

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