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Rydon, a developer and contractor, and A2Dominion, a landlord, is working to regenerate the ‘Green Man Lane’ estate in the London Borough of Ealing. The £136 million project is being delivered in a 50:50 joint venture partnership.  The existing local authority housing estate, comprising of 464 flats, is being demolished to make way for 706 new homes.  The scheme will provide 305 homes that will be developed and marketed for the open market in a joint venture between REAL (Rydon’s regeneration brand) and A2Dominion Enterprises. A further 338 homes are dedicated for affordable rent and another 63 are shared ownership homes for A2Dominion.  The masterplan has been designed by Conran & Partners, Sir Terence Conran’s architecture and design practice, to transform the estate into an attractive, safe and sustainable community where people are proud to live.  Alfagy, an efficient energy provider, delivered a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) unit to the regeneration project to provide efficient energy to the estate.

A community heating system utilising combined heat and power technology will provide residents with low-carbon, cost-effective heating and electricity. Environmental performance will be further supplemented by the use of solar photovoltaic panels. Combined with the adoption of low energy design principles, a cumulative CO2 saving of 57% will be achieved. This exceeds the 44% which is required to achieve Code for Sustainable Homes Level 4.  Key to CO2 savings were the installation of Alfagy’s CHP plant delivering 334 kWe of power and 485 kWt of heat. Residents have been fully involved in the design development and a number of key changes have been made to the scheme on their advice.

The CHP is now ready to provide cheap heat and power for the coming winter.Alfagy’s chairman, Peter Kindt, comments: “We were pleased to receive the residents informed decision to choose our CHP.  After insulation, Alfagy’s CHP is the fastest way of reducing CO2 emissions and cutting fuel costs.” The Alfagy CHP unit emits less of the undesirable greenhouse gasses, nitrogen oxides or NOx, than other plants and is used mostly in residential and urban areas such as London.  Alfagy is a leading supplier of ultra-low NOx CHP units that are gaining popularity as efforts to decrease cities’ pollution mount.

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Green Man Lane
Green Man Lane’s regeneration is due to be delivered in four phases over a nine-year period. This commenced with the demolition of the existing six-storey pre-stressed concrete car park and the construction of Phase 1. A programme of phased decant, demolition and construction will be undertaken ensuring the majority of residents can remain within their neighbourhood throughout the redevelopment process.  Phase 2a of the project, comprising a row of 14 properties, was the first to be completed and the keys to the first completed homes on the new estate were handed over to residents, who moved from their old apartments.  The project is now in phase 2b and is moving on to phase 3 of the planned total 4 phases.

The Group offers high-quality sustainable homes for sale, shared ownership and rent. A2Dominion has 34,000 homes in ownership and over 4,600 new properties in the development pipeline.  A2Dominion provides homes to meet a variety of customer needs, including affordable rented homes and student and key worker accommodation. Through the care and support area of our business they provide supported housing, housing for older people and temporary accommodation.  The Group has a unique approach to housebuilding, generating profits for a social purpose instead of for shareholders.  Each year, millions of pounds are reinvested from commercial ventures into the development of affordable new homes and to support local communities.  A2Dominion is part of the G15 and a Sunday Times Top 100 Not For Profit Organisation to work for in 2014, and accredited as a Best Companies ‘One Star’ organisation.

Founded in 1978, Rydon has grown into a multi-faceted company, employing over 600 people. Rydon Construction, Rydon Homes and Rydon Maintenance cover general contracting, refurbishment, remediation, cross subsidy, regeneration, property maintenance and residential and commercial property development, while Ryhurst focuses on delivering creative and practical solutions to health and community estates requirements and challenges.

Alfagy is a leading supplier of efficient energy and power generation.  The product portfolio covers biomass boilers, power generators, solar CHP and Combined Heat & Power plants.  The plants use diverse fuels such as wood pellets, wood chips, straw, biogas and natural gas to deliver efficient heat and power to homes and businesses globally.

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