Nanotechnology and Photovoltaics: Market, Companies and Products

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Research and Markets has announced the addition of the "Nanotechnology and Photovoltaics: Market, Companies and Products" report to their offering.

Nanomaterials are leading to new opportunities for the production of cheaper and more efficient solar cells. Quantum dots, metal oxide nanopowders and carbon nanotubes are at the forefront of new photovoltaics applications. The world market for nanotechnology enabled photovoltaics in was US$68million in 2010, rising to $820million by 2017. Companies developing products in this sector include 1366 Technologies, Inc., 3G Solar, BP Solar International, Bloo Solar, HelioVolt Corporation, Konarka Technologies, Inc., Nano Solar and SunFlake A/S.

Report contents

– How carbon nanotubes, fullerenes and POSS, graphene, metal oxide nanopowders, nanowires and quantum dots are being applied to photovoltaics and by whom

– Global market revenues to 2017, by nanomaterials

– Market structure

– Market drivers

– 65 company profiles including products and sub sector markets

For more on this report: “Nanotechnology and Photovoltaics: Market, Companies and Products

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