Masdar PV increases efficiency of its thin-film solar modules to 7.4 %

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Efficiency based on the semiconductor amorphous silicon (a-Si).

  • absolute efficiency increase of over 1 % within a minimum period, thanks to in-house process optimisation
  • a-Si modules available with an output of up to 420 watt (for 5.7 m²)

Masdar PV, a manufacturer of large-surface thin-film solar modules, has improved the efficiency of its solar modules to 7.4 %, based on the semiconductor amorphous silicon (a-Si). The increase of over 15 % was made possible over the past six months by in-house process know-how, as a result of which additional and optimised production steps and improved quality checks have been introduced. Masdar PV is thus reinforcing its position as one of the most efficient providers of a-Si thin-film modules.

“We have achieved this substantial increase in the efficiency of our modules because we have consistently focussed on optimising the production line in line with market requirements from the very outset. A decisive factor in this respect was the work undertaken by our expert team, and for the future we see the possibility of increasing the efficiencies of our modules even further”, says Dr. Harald Bloeß, Manager Engineering/Transfer at Masdar PV, explaining the reasons for this accomplishment. Amongst others, this achievement is due to seven ‘Inline Metrology’ systems, which permit the precise characterisation of the modules. On the basis of the expertise available within the company, further non-proprietary additions and optimisations are now in the pipeline. “For our customers, this increase in efficiency signifies a cost advantage. For this reason, we are anticipating a further increase in the demand for our modules, which come into their own particularly in diffuse lighting conditions and high environmental temperatures”, says Frank Wouters, CEO of Masdar PV. The modules from Masdar PV are particularly suited for use in open-space and on-roof systems.

About Masdar PV GmbH

Masdar PV GmbH is a leading manufacturer of innovative thin-film photovoltaic products and solutions. The medium term goal of the company is to become one of the largest manufacturers in this PV segment. The company, belonging to the Masdar Power division, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Masdar, Abu Dhabi’s diverse initiative for future energy sources that was initiated and is owned by Mubadala Development Company. This is a comprehensive, forward-looking investment by the Emirate, with the aim of developing and commercialising innovative technology in the renewable and sustainable energy sector. For more information visit:

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