Lab-Corps Program Announces Second Round of Training for Entrepreneurial Teams at National Labs

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March 23, 2016

The Energy Department’s Lab-Corps program on March 17 launched its second round of clean energy entrepreneurship trainings in Golden, Colorado. The $2.3 million pilot, started in 2014, is based on the National Science Foundation’s successful Innovation Corps model.

Lab-Corps aims to accelerate the transfer of clean energy technologies from the Energy Department national laboratories to the marketplace by training national laboratory researchers in how to transition their discoveries to the private sector. As a key part of President Obama’s Lab-to-Market Initiative, the Lab-Corps program leverages scientific expertise and entrepreneurial spirit to bring new lab technologies to market.

Fourteen different teams of researchers from seven national laboratories—the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and Argonne, Idaho, Lawrence Berkeley, Lawrence Livermore, Pacific Northwest, and Sandia national laboratories—began the seven-week Lab-Corps entrepreneurial boot camp at NREL. Through Lab-Corps’ specialized technology accelerator and training curriculum, these laboratory-based teams will gain direct market feedback on their technologies and pursue the development of startup companies, industry partnerships, licensing agreements, and other business opportunities. See the Energy Department news release.

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