Isofoton Wins a 6 Million Euro Tender for a project in Rwanda

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• This project has received the largest allocation of European Union EDF Funds for rural electrification projects in 2010

• Isofoton will make solar systems for 300 schools in Rwanda

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Isofoton, the leading company in solar technology, has made the winning bid for a solar systems project in Rwanda. Financed by the European Union to a total of €5.8 million, this has been the most significant allocation of EDF funds in 2010 for this type of project.

Isofoton thus consolidates its dominant position in Africa, where the company is a leader in the eastern region. Since its foundation, it has also been present in a significant form in the north and the west.

Isofoton will undertake the supply, installation and maintenance of photovoltaic solar systems for 300 schools in Rwanda, improving teaching conditions and access to education for around 50,000 Rwandan schoolchildren.

This project is consistent with the international expansion strategy of the Affirma Toptec consortium. Isofoton’s new owners acquired the company from the Bergé Group last June, providing financial resources to a total of €50 million to strengthen its financial position, the company being free of debt since last March. The Affirma-Toptec consortium also brings with it a new business plan, with the opening of new markets such as those in Asia and the United States.

About Isofoton

Isofoton is the leading Spanish company in the design, manufacture, and supply of Solar Energy Solutions, which contribute to sustainable development. Its activities are focused on three types of technology: Photovoltaic, Thermal Low Temperature, and High Concentration Photovoltaic.

The company has a presence in over 60 countries, and is also consolidating its leading position in the Spanish market.

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