IETA Releases 1st Edition of ŒA User¹s Guide to Emissions Trading in China¹ at Carbon Forum Asia

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Today at Carbon Forum Asia, IETA released a new ‘User’s Guide’ to Emissions Trading in China.’

Today at Carbon Forum Asia, IETA released a new ‘User’s Guide’ to Emissions Trading in China.’ It takes an in-depth look at all aspects of emissions trading systems under design and implementation in China. The User Guide includes briefings on each of the pilots in China over analyzes how they may fit into the designs of a national market

  • 7 pilot ETS case studies analyze details of their policy design
  • Role of carbon tax, dynamics between different governing agencies, and CCER offset methodology also featured
  • Available at

This report draws on IETA’s long experience in supporting emissions trading in China. IETA and its partners held the first Carbon Forum Asia in Beijing in 2006, when China was leading the world as a major supplier of CDM credits. In 2012, IETA held a workshop in Beijing where it brought 25 of its member companies to exchange views with Chinese companies on how emissions trading and carbon offsetting functions could operate in China. This workshop was the impetus for IETA to organise additional training workshops and launch the “Business Partnership for Market Readiness,” or “B-PMR” in October 2012.

This User’s Guide incorporates the information IETA has gained from its interactions in China through its B-PMR Missions, combined with the publicly available official documents on emissions trading that have been released thus far.

Dirk Forrister, President and CEO, IETA said:

“China is one of the most important areas for growth in carbon markets worldwide. China’s interest reflects a broader trend towards carbon markets as the preferred policy tool for addressing greenhouse gas emissions around the world. We hope that this User Guide will be a useful resource to help IETA members and the policy community follow the trends and developments in emissions trading across China.”

The User Guide also includes:

Summary of China’s plans for a national carbon market, as put forward to the World Bank’s Partnership for Market Readiness (PMR)

  • An overview of the Chinese CER offset methodology ‘the CCER.’
  • Background and overview on environmental taxation in China, and a potential carbon tax
  • A “cheat sheet” summary comparison of the differences in design of the 7 ETS pilots
  • Dynamics between different government agencies and their role in the implementation of a national ETS

In addition to the “User Guide to Emissions Trading in China,” IETA will be releasing at Carbon Forum Asia an updated suite of its case studies related to Asian carbon markets as part of its “World Carbon Markets” case study series that are published in partnership with the Environmental Defense Fund. Available on IETA’s website, these 3-4 page go-to guides are essential reading for the carbon market and climate change community. IETA originally released “The World’s Carbon Markets” in June after Carbon Expo, and the full-suite features 18 emissions trading programs from around the globe. The aim of these case studies is to conduct updates over time as policies evolve and, hopefully, more emerge. Case studies on Korea, Japan, New Zealand, China and Australia have all been updated for release at Carbon Forum Asia in Bangkok.

Should you have any questions on the User Guide or Case Studies, please let us know.

Jeff Swartz, Director, International Policy –

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