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Polysilicon has a major influence on its end markets – Semiconductor and Photovoltaic industry.

Polysilicon is the substrate upon which primarily all semiconductors are manufactured. Polysilicon is an important component for silicon-based solar cells. Consumption of solar industry grew more than its traditional share of available polysilicon, thereby spreading concerns about potential polysilicon shortages in the mid 2000’s. Consequently, ambitious capacity expansions were announced by established silicon suppliers.

Global market for polysilicon has been growing rapidly resulting into an imbalance between demand and supply, with rigorous growth in its end markets especially in solar industry. All the major producers have begun thinking about enhancing their capacity by making strategies for polysilicon capacity addition. However, global polysilicon imbalance has been anticipated to shift from deficit to oversupply in the years ahead due to the addition of new polysilicion capacities. A lot of attention has been given to polysilicon availability, given the explosive growth of photovoltaics in recent years.

Competition in polysilicon market is highly dependent on capacity. Established poly-silicon producers such as Hemlock, Wacker Chemie, Renewable Energy Corporation (REC), Monsanto Electronic Materials Company (MEMC), Tokyama and LDK Solar that produce top-quality silicon are the market leaders of the market.


The report analyzes the global polysilicon market along with its end markets. Other key drivers such as growth in global GDP, increase in solar cell demand and semiconductor market revenues have also been discussed.

Key issues such as polysilicon cost cutting potential, high barriers for new entrants, over supply in the industry have been included. Key trends in polysilicon market such production cost of major polysilicon players, average polysilicon spot and selling price have also been included. Polysilicon production capacity of all major players including their market share has been given in detail.

This report also profiles the major players such as Hemlock, Wacker, GCL and REC.

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