Germany’s Cumulative PV Capacity to Grow at 24.4% CAGR by 2014

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Government’s focus on making the industry self dependent and gradual FIT cuts will pave the way for installations to grow at 24.4% CAGR during 2010-2104, says RNCOS.

According to our recent research report “German Photovoltaic Market Analysis”, Germany remained most active photovoltaic market in the world and showed remarkable resilience against economic slowdown. Government incentives, private player’s efforts for more R&D, and narrowing cost differentials between solar and conventional sources of energy have been boosting the market outlook for the past few years. However, regulators have now embarked upon the efforts, which are expected to make the industry self dependent and free from the government support. This is anticipated to somewhat slowdown the future market growth of cumulative PV installations, which are projected to grow at 24.4% CAGR during 2010-2014.

The study identified that the country captured around 52% of the global PV installations in 2010 and sustained its top position in the global PV arena. The industry has been receiving notable support from the government in the form of various programs aimed at meeting increased energy needs through renewable sources. The PV share in overall renewable energy development is expected to swell in coming years, which will position Germany as a favored investment destination for global PV majors.

Further, the cost of producing PV power is decreasing in the country and the grid parity is probable during the next 3-4 years. These developments will further infuse PV electricity demand in Germany during our forecast period. According to a senior research analyst at RNCOS, although with significantly reduced FIT’s, it will be quite difficult for the companies to retain their high-speed growth momentum but at the same time, the grid parity will offset their growth decline and prove decisive in long term.

Our report “German Photovoltaic Market Analysis”, has been authored to evaluate the current status of the Germany PV industry and its future growth potentials. It facilitates information and statistics on all prominent market segments including residential, commercial, and solar parks. Besides, it provides market trends on cell manufacturing, solar inverter market, PV power plants etc. Separate sections on industry value chain analysis and FIT amendments will help clients to formulate their investment decision plans in concerned market.

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