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The management team at would like to know your thoughts and comments regarding our new site. This is the perfect opportunity to provide your personal views and share them with your fellow readers. We would also like to know if there are any additional features or additions that we should consider adding to the site.

Please leave your comments and suggestions below.

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  1. The new site is good. Better than the last one in my opinion. If you could include some more articles on potential projects within PV, this would help me as PM for a large corporation in Germany. If I think of any more, I'll let you know here. Thanks. Matthew.

  2. I am looking to update my contacts in Geothermal. Is there a downloadable version of your directory? This would be very helpful if you do not already have one. That aside, Im really impressed with what you have done so far. I dont come back every day so this was a nice surprise for me.

  3. Thanks Steve. However, Twitter is no more than a glorified RSS feed and downsized Facebook. We can provide up-to-date and current RSS feeds for any subject, topic or discussion. Please click on the RSS logo in your address bar for more information.

  4. Hi Guys. Happy New Year!

    Your new site is very useful. I have been a member since 4 years ago and would like to maybe see some more articles on technology, if possible. I am in PV and would like more technology based articles related to solar electricity. Thanks.

  5. Like the new site. Not sure when you went live with this but at first glance looks nice. I've been speaking with your new Editor about our new article. Good job Peter! Looking forward to seeing it in action!

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